Leading Scientists Call for Global Action at International Dialogue on AI Safety

This article is about a historical event from October 2023. For the latest information, check out our recent event in Beijing or the International Dialogues on AI Safety event series.

The International Dialogue on AI Safety is a new initiative bringing together scientists from around the world to collaborate on mitigating the risks of artificial intelligence. FAR organized and facilitated the first event in this initiative in partnership with the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI), and the Ditchley Foundation.

The first meeting was convened in October 2023 by Turing Award winners Yoshua Bengio and Andrew Yao, UC Berkeley professor Stuart Russell, OBE, and founding Dean of the Tsinghua Institute for AI Industry Research Ya-Qin Zhang. The purpose was to build a shared understanding of risks from advanced AI systems, inform intergovernmental processes, and lay the foundations for further cooperation to prevent worst-case outcomes from AI systems including, but not limited to, human extinction.

The expert attendees warned governments and AI developers that “coordinated global action on AI safety research and governance is critical to prevent uncontrolled frontier AI development from posing unacceptable risks to humanity.” They produced a joint statement with specific technical and policy recommendations for governments and AI developers.

We are excited to continue supporting this initiative as it evolves.

Hannah Betts
Hannah Betts
Special Projects Lead

Hannah Betts supports our internal operations team and manages special projects for FAR. She is passionate about bringing projects to fruition, and delivers operational support, consultation and advice to our partners and collaborators to accelerate their research agendas. Hannah has previously led curriculum projects in New Zealand’s Ministry of Education, organized and facilitated weekend camps and conferences, and taught science at high school.